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Elsha Condoz is my first residential building
Building hight 274.79 lot size 2x2 & 3x3 Growable R$$. Ploppable (landmark) 2x2

ElshaCondoz capable of housing 6223 medium‐wealth residents.
Sims who live in the Elsha Condoz have stunning views of the city from their own apartments, or from the double rooftop recreation area. Sims will enjoy the high life in the ElshaCondoz strolling through the gardens, relaxing on one of the terraces, or taking a dip in either the double rooftop pool. on left corner of building contain high‐speed main elevator and corner of right is stair of down floor until roof. but This building is not real‐word

Dependencies Elsha query (included)
BAT Model and designing by Roe99

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