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Pasar Tanah Abang is located in Central Jakarta. It hosts the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia. The market has been known to exist since 1735. This is the place where shop owners buy ready to wear clothes or textiles in grocery. The market is the distributor of textiles to various provinces and export import from middle east Asia or partly African.
Tanah Abang market is a major textile trading center to various areas in Indonesia and also Asia and the world.
In February 2003, a fraction of the Tanah Abang market area burned. The cause of fire is still a controversial issue. Many people assume the cause is a condition of the market is too crowded and political motives.
Tanah Abang market building divided into 3 areas which became the center of trade, among others, Metro Tanah Abang, Tanah Abang Tanah Abang Long and Air Force. Tanah Abang long divided into several blocks such as blocks A, B, F (C, D, E yet built) that contains the stalls, while Tanah Abang AURI divided into several blocks such as blocks A, B, C, D, E , F, AA, BB, CC. entire block in Tanah Abang AURI is a collection of shops that generally sell textiles, except block E which is a collection of stalls that sell clothing in a retail or wholesale.


BAT Model by Roe99
Ploppable Version only (Landmark with jobs of CS$$)
Lot Size            :12x4
Plop Cost            :19974
Budget Item Cost        :0
Bulldoze Cost        :1164
Landmark Effect        :default
Mayor Rating Effect    :default
jobs            :6752 of CS$$
MaxFireStage        :5
Pollution at Center    :
Air 145, Water 72, Garbage 145, Radiation 0
Pollution Radii        :Air 5, Water 6, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
Flammability        :40
MaxFireStage        :5
Power Consumed        :233
Water Consumed        :2792
Building Value        :99690

Installation : unzip all file (besides readme file and jpg file) to your /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins directory
you will see PSR Tanah Abang icon at landmark's menu
Remove all files from your /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins directory