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Origin Address
39th floor Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 28
Jakarta 10210

Distances to and from Jakarta are usually measured from the Semanggi Interchange. That's precisely where CEO SUITE business center and serviced office GKBI is situated, giving it close proximity to the Jakarta Convention Center, the Stock Exchange and the Jakarta Hilton. GKBI Tower is part of an integrated multi-building business and entertainment complex with road access from 3 different locations.

Office space tenants include ANZ Bank, Cable & Wireless, Credit Lyonnais Capital, Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, France Telecom, KPMG, Mobil Oil, McKinsey & Company, OCBC Bank and Swiss Bank. Occupying 16,000 square feet on the 39th floor, CEO GKBI is at the top in every sense. Most CEO office suites have floor to ceiling windows which offer spectacular city views. The varieties of office layouts and sizes presented ensure maximum efficiency.


CO$$$ stage 7

CO$$$            :2536 jobs
Lot Size:4x3
construction time    :209
Bulldoze Cost        :2090
Wealth            :High Wealth
Pollution at Center   :Air 32, Water 11, Garbage 63, Radiation 0
Pollution Radii        :Air 6, Water 7, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
Flammability        :35
MaxFireStage        :5
Power Consumed        :102
Water Consumed        :1537
Style Tileset        :all
Occupant Types        :CO$$, CO$$$
Building Value        :28343

Ploppable Version (Landmark with jobs 2536 of CO$$$)
Lot Size        :4x3
Plop Cost        :32686
Budget Item Cost    :NA
Bulldoze Cost        :2090
Landmark Effect        :NA
Park effect        :NA
Mayor Rating Effect    :NA
jobs            :2536 of CO$$$
MaxFireStage        :4
Pollution at Center    :Air 15, Water 15, Garbage 6, Radiation 0
Pollution Radii        :Air 6, Water 7, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
Flammability        :35
Power Consumed        :102
Water Consumed        :1102
Building Value        :28347


Installation : unzip all file (besides readme file and jpg file) to your /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins directory
for ploppable you will see GKBI TOWER icon at landmark's menu

DEPENDENCIES : Elsham_query_UI.dat (included on this package)

My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\"Elsham_query_UI.dat"

you are advised to keep only one copy of the file
"Elsham_query_UI.dat" in your plugins folder at
a time.  Overwriting it each time you download a new
ELSHAMANDAN lot is advised to make sure it stays up-to-date

If you are downloading a new of an ELSHAMANDAN lot,
you must delete all old versions of the Elsham_query_UI.dat (Elsha_UI_Rquery.dat also deleted)

Not doing so results in wasted RAM
which can tremendously slow down gameplay

Remove all files from your /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins directory

Download GKBI Tower
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